Creamy spaetzle

Weekend is finished and I hope you all had a great time. Weekend is for us time for rest and this weekend was not any different. Just the weather... Many people just do not believe how rainy, grey and windy can UK get. So one of these days, I have prepared spaetzle. Do you like … Continue reading Creamy spaetzle

New beginnings

Hello my dear blogger friends! Very long time I have even appeared here or posted something. I have taken 3 months from blogging as I have barely found time and energy as well... so it was time for priorities 🙂 And it was a good time off. Since December we have been helping my friend … Continue reading New beginnings

Waste Not, Want Not! Part Two! – Retired? No one told me!

I have already re – blogged from Carol and her posts about food waste… and here is the second part 🙂 Have a look!

Carol, thank you for sharing more about food waste!!! ❤ It is a huge issue and it deserves to be mentioned more and more. I might do a post how I am using my food waste, for example as vegetable stocks from peeled onion, carrots and others 🙂 Amazing share and re-blogging 🙂

Retired? No one told me!

Famine no food

Look closely can you see the holes in that child’s jumper Can you see the worry on their mum’s face a baby and two older children and herself and maybe a husband to feed…

There are probably also many other problems we could think of which this photo infers but behind the scenes…

What do I think is the solution?

I think we should start in our own communities and our own kitchens… Start small and grow big…Mum’s armies…

I have subscribers to my blog from all around the world as I am sure that most of you do so my thinking that between we could enthuse mum’s army and reach around the world we could make a difference…

Men really have made a pretty poor job over the centuries we still have wars, persecution of women and girls and it is the mums as shown in my picture who…

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Salmon salad

Almost weekend! I am looking forward to upcoming week - my best friend is arriving tomorrow to spend week with us. I have not seen her for almost 2 years, however we are speaking almost every day. So, prepare something quick today - salmon salad was great option and actually - delicious! What do you … Continue reading Salmon salad

Eggs and breakfast

We love eggs for breakfast and mainly in different kind of variations and combinations. To be honest my husband is pretty good in looking for all those variations. This time it was not any different... I simply love our weekends and his breakfasts - they are easy, healthy, simple and delicious 🙂 What do you … Continue reading Eggs and breakfast

Dear Jealousy…

Hello my friends! It has been long time I have posted something. I kind of took "days off" mainly after discussion with my family when I heard that someone is not happy about my blog... However that person has not been able to tell me anything by himself/herself and I spent some time thinking about … Continue reading Dear Jealousy…


We love to have a good breakfast during the weekends, almost size of lunch. However, this is probably related more to Mexican culture and I happily follow that as I hate empty stomach in the morning. My husband tend to prepare breakfast during the weekend, but this time I wanted to prepare something for him … Continue reading Tartiflette